The Ribeira Sacra is an area that includes the Banks of the Sil, Cabe and Miño rivers. It founds between the South of Lugo and the North of Ourense provinces. Here we can find some many places like monasteries on steep slopes or big canyons. We can visit up to 18 monasteries in this location and all this in a wine area. This produt has a Designation of Origin and wich produces wines such as Mencía or Amandi.


We will be able to admire some of Celtic fortifications, usually of pre-Roman origin, known as Castros that were used by the first habitants of these lands or more known as ``socalcos´´, that there are stones steps on wich later produce wonderfull wines that pair perfectly with good meats of the area.

We can´t forget the Sil canyons whose hillsides can reach 500 meters and have great scenic beauty. We can admire them from strategically viewpoints or enjoy an amazing catamarán trip. Both ways will surprise us.

No less spectacular is the Benedictine Monastery of Santo Estebo of Sil, today is transformated in a fantastic Parador and we can visit the cloisters, the church and an Interpretation center.

After that we will visit the Monastery of San Pedro de Rocas, the oldest monastic complex in Galicia, where is the original structure, some artificial excavated caves in the rocs that served as a chapel and a head to a mediaval church.

We also enjoy the Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas del Sil, is less know than the other ones but which from an artistic and architectural point of view is a monument of maximum interest.

And if the weather are good with us we can enjoy a beautiful wines of the area in some of its wineries.




Rua Medico Durán 25 B A Coruña CP15005